2017 Student Case Competition & Seminar

How to capitalize on One-Belt-One-Road OBOR through Technology Innovation for Logistics?

  • One_Belt_One_Road.png
    One Belt One Road Opportunities - Why, What, Where, How?
  • Case-Competition-Briefing-Session-group-photo-2017-01-14.jpg
  • 2017 Competition Teams group phtoto-995.jpg
    Competition teams group photo
  • 2017 Competition Teams and Judges group photo-995.jpg
    Competition Team Group photo with Judges and Speakers
  • OMG Company
  • SAGSI Consultancy
    1st runner-up team
  • Chainology
    2nd runner-up team
  • Winning-teams-from-Canadian-District-630x450.jpg
    Winning teams from Canadian District in Global Final Round 2016
  • Hands-on-simulation-group-photo-2015.jpg
    Hands-on Supply Chain simulation training and competition briefing - group photo at Hong Kong in Sept. 2015
  • Termina-995.jpg
    Freight Forwarder Productivity - Cost vs. Value
  • Washington 2016 Global Round group photo.jpg
    Global Student Challenge in Washington DC APICS international conference 2016
  • iStock_000044401706_Medium.jpg
    Multimodal transportation - efficiency vs. responsiveness
  • Six winners swarded in the sweden-brazil.jpg

Competition team briefing session

2017.1.14 14:00-17:30

Student case competition event

2017.1.21 13:30-18:00

Location: Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

What's about 2017 Student Case Competition & Seminar/ what's going on there come and learn

Do you and your friends or colleagues have what it takes to compete against the best and brightest young business professionals and students in the world?


Do you want to network/learn and attend a half day case competition event & seminar where we will have eminent supply chain speakers talk about career advancements and supply chain topics in the region?

The 2017 Students Case Competition - Hong Kong will bring together students and young professionals from around the world to compete for the chance to win the title of APICS International Case Competition winner and cash prizes. This is the China/Hong Kong qualifier round for the national round and final global case competition to be held between April-May in online & October 2017 in APICS International conference at San Antonio, Texas, USA. 1st place winner team will qualify for FREE Sustain Workflow Productivity Experience workshop (value at US2,000/participant) and the participants will also get great discounts on the programs. In addition the winning teams will get a chance to advance to the qualification, regional and final round, compete with top teams from other countries and a chance to

Win a free trip with your team to San Antonio for the Global Final

Win $5,000 USD in total cash prizes.

This year, the 2017 student case competition - Hong Kong will be combined with a few keynote speeches that will allow participants the opportunity to learn/network with eminent supply chain people in the country.

Competition participants from universities

Judges & speakers

Event sponsors / don't forget it




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